Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hawthorne, New Jersey - October 15, 1945

In which Ralph tells his daughters about the imminent sailing, and the proposed route.  

Hawthorne, New Jersey
October 15, 1945

Dear girls,

Well, here we are, spending our last evening in America for a while, and all ready to get on the boat tomorrow morning. Everything is in order, passport, visas, vaccinations, etc. We are supposed to be on the boat before 10AM, and to set sail soon after. The boat will take us to Alexandria, and I think it may stop at Greece on the way. We have just come home from the farewell meeting at the Brooklyn home. There are ten altogether in the outgoing AIM party besides two small children. There will also be many other missionaries on board from other missions – 27 from the Sudan Interior.

From Alexandria we will probably go to Congo by train and Nile steamers. I think it will take us six weeks or so to get to Aba. We will let you know when we arrive.

The Trouts are in Brooklyn waiting to sail. They area awaiting their re-entry permits.  Eddie and Nellie (1) have not received their permits as yet, but we expect they will be able to follow us within a few weeks.

[Personal portion redacted.]
And so – goodbye for now, and the Lord bless you!



  1. Eddie and Nellie Shuit. 

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