Sunday, July 31, 2016

Aba, Belgian Congo - January 27, 1946

A brief note from Coralee to the girls

Dear Girls,
Just a note to come along with the Bangala Conference items. I thot you'd be interested in it.

One hundred Aba natives and also Daddy, Miss White and Miss Lutz went from here. They had a lovely conference. The other whites at the conference were Mr. Brand, Mr. Litchman, Evelyn, Brashlers, Mr. Paul, Mr. Miller, Mr. Harris, Dr. Williams, Mr. Brill, Seuffs, Littlejohns, Misses Sutter, Short, and Wrightman.

Mr. Bill and Mr. Seuff shot five buffaloes. It has been very hot and dry.

Aunt Rose Mary arrived by plane last Monday January 14th. It is so nice to have her back. We expect the Hubers on the 25th. We didn't even know they had sailed until last Monday.

Your letters have been so nice. In last mail we had the Thanksgiving program and menu, and also your air mail written just before Christmas. They mean so much to us. I stop here and hope to get an air mail ready to come in just a day or two.

With much love,

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