Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Early photos of the Kleinschmidts

Kleinschmidts at home in Ibambi, circa 1925
I believe this is the only photo we have of Ralph and Coralee at home in Ibambi.  The walls are made of tall reeds and perhaps wicker for the furniture.  The floor is earth, the cupboards made from packing cases.  Very simple shelter.  Love Coralee's formal shoes, not so practical.  Ralph looks to have puttees on his legs.

Ralph and Coralee Kleinschmidt, circa 1926 (while at Aba at the AIM conference). 
The missionaries, in pith helmets.  They look so young.  Esther remembers the big boulder behind them. The Kleinschmidts returned to Aru after the AIM conference.  They were assigned to Aba in 1928 before Edith was born.

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