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December 1923 - Excerpt from the Heart of Africa Mission leaflet

“Our Party leaving December 8th, D.V." (1)

Why we are going to Africa:

Ralph E. Kleinschmidt, M.D. 1923
Living under the influence of Christian parents and family, I learned to know Jesus Christ as my Savior in early childhood.  The conviction that I was to serve Him in Africa came during high school days and gradually developed during the succeeding years of participation in Sunday School and Epworth League (2) work. Later it became clear to me that I could render service most effectively as a medical missionary, for as such I would be able to bring the story of Salvation through Christ to many individually, who would otherwise remain untouched. Medical training was received at Washington University and supplemented by service in the St. Louis City Hospital and Barnard Skin and Cancer Hospital. At Brooks Bible Institute, St. Louis, Mo., most valuable though limited Bible training was received, and here I first learned about the Heart of Africa Mission. May I take this opportunity to praise Him Who with marvelous grace has made the way clear step by step. 
R.E. Kleinschmidt

I am very thankful that I may say I am a Christian, saved only by the
Coralee Sargeant Kleinschmidt, 1923
Blood of Jesus and kept daily by His Grace and Mercy. It is needless to say after I became saved I wished to work for the Lord. I took some Bible study (Brooks Bible Institute) and since I am a graduate nurse (St. Louis City Hospital Training School for Nurses) I hope to serve our Lord.  I feel I should go to a field, where other workers who have home ties cannot go, since my father, mother and only sister have passed beyond. I know a wonderful peace since the Savior has entered my life. I am a member of Washington and Compton Presbyterian Church, St. Louis, Mo. So with the help of our Lord and Savior, and the continued prayers and kindness of God’s people, we hope to humbly and reverently serve our Lord in caring for the sick while endeavoring to lead them to Jesus. 
Coralee Sargeant

(Miss Sargeant became the “better half” of Dr. Kleinschmidt on September 19th. Congratulations. – Ed)

  1. Deus vult – God willing.
  2. A youth ministry of the Methodist Church. It has been in existence since 1899. 

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