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March 5, 1925 - What the Christmas Gifts Meant in the Heart of Africa

Excerpt from The Heart of Africa bulletin, May 1925


Ibambi, March 5, 1925

Dear Friends:

Your parcels to us have arrived including the medicines, towels, pins, thread, cotton, prunes, beans, and all the other delightful things. We were both simply overjoyed, and we did not miss the love and devotion, sacrifice and hard work that these things signify to us. The things in themselves are indeed lovely and welcome, but far more than this we appreciate the love that prompted the sending of these things. Words are indeed inadequate.

Now I’ll tell you what has happened to some of them. The medicine comes first. We do so appreciate it. Well, many cases of “Yaws” had come but it was always the same, we had no medicine for those patients. Just about two days before the medicine arrived, a mother brought a small child in her arms with this awful disease. The whole body of the child was covered with huge ulcerated sores. We felt so sorry for this wee child but had to turn it away. Then the medicine came, so we sent the boy who helps us in the medicine clinic to hunt for this child, and he found her, and so she received an injection. Yesterday her father brought her and in a few more days she will be well again. Many others have received it too.

The medicine is so precious and works so much like magic that Ralph has made the usual dose for one person for two or sometimes even three if they are children. One other case too – A man came with the sores all over his body. He was a man who had been a helper at one of the out stations for a time, but never really came out for the Lord, as far as could be determined. He received the medicine and said if he were healed he was going to return to the out station and help in God’s work. The other day one of the missionaries at this out-station was in Ibambi, and we asked him if he knew of this man and he said yes, he is helping with the work and seems most keen and earnest. Praise God. We are indeed thankful and many others of these people here are most grateful for the gifts. Pray that we may have right judgment in the use of these medicines for the glory of God.

It was lovely that some one thought of pins and little things so necessary. One of our “Bachelor boys” didn't have a pin and we gladly shared with him. He was so pleased. You see many of us, both black and white have received good from the lovely remembrances of all our friends and we all send special thanks.


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